Random Thoughts from a Scattered Mind: An Introduction

So, what is this blog?

The short answer is a little bit of everything. Some will be inspired writings from previous works I have done over the past couple of decades, but most will be more contemporary works of social and economic commentary and philosophy. As time progresses, I will transition towards analysis on events and current topics as my foundational pieces and philosophies are established here.

So why a blog?

I have spent the better part of the past three decades as a student of humanity. One of my gifts or rather curses is that my mind (being on the spectrum) operates differently and so as a child I had developed my understanding of society and humanity outside the normal path that most people are able to take. This has allowed me to see structural problems and insanities that are persistent in societies but are taken as norms and are expected due to being conditioned biases and preconceptions. Additionally, my mind focuses on systems, and as such, root cause analysis, which I can do on the fly (thanks spectrum) much to the dismay of my parents, teachers, and managers over the years is my specialty. Adults typically do not take kindly to a toddler telling them how to fix something and be right, when they are stumped. I found later that management is just as appreciative which typically does not allow one to fair very well during performance reviews, with previous managers that I worked under begging me to stay quiet during large meetings.

And why here?

I have published articles in other publications, but the problem that I have run into is that some of the most pressing issues get washed out by the editors in order to protect their readership. From an economic and business standpoint, I do understand that, but when it comes to trying to actually commit to real positive change, it is detrimental. Here, I am able to layout reality in all its horrid and beautiful glory. The first step of solving problems is admitting they exist and understanding their causes. A lasting solution cannot be found until the understanding of the cause is established. Otherwise, and as my articles will point out, history will continue to repeat itself. Over the course of several millennia, the core of humanity has not changed. The technology and social organization have, but fundamentally, what was true in 500 BCE, is true today.

What is the goal?

Put simply, I want to reach and impact people. To cause individuals to take a hard look at themselves and the society that they live in and understand that there are flaws in any given system and better systems can be built. The first thing is to realize that there are problems. In previous roles as an instructor and working with many Fortune 100, 250, and 500 clients over the years I have come to realize that while everyone talks about working on identifying problems and eliminating biases, there is a far more destructive and insidious condition and those are conditioned preconceptions that due to the persistent nature of such, are assumed to be norms and biases a person (or society) against a better future. Overall, my delivery will be to articulate these concepts in a serious manner but with snarky humor and self-dialog (Samuel L. Jackson would be a good representative of my internal thought processes) interwoven throughout in such a way that I hope can keep you, the reader, entertained and hopefully would make the likes of George Carlin and Charlie Chaplin proud.

As always, thank you for your time and attention friends.



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